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“We want these assets to be productive. We buy them. We own them. To say we care only about the short term is wrong. What I care about is seeing these assets in the best hands. ”
Carl Icahn

Asset management; commonly used as another word or the synonym of investment management or fund management. Infact, asset management is a very wide definition. Many people call it wealth management also. Asset management includes many different aspects and relative fields among them are asset and stock selection, monitoring of investments etc.

Asset management is a great industry today that has a global meaning. In other words it is taking care of huge sums of money in different currents all over the world. Today many private asset management firms are offering different assetmanagementservices. Any assetmanagementcompany tries to offer some interesting ideas, concepts and techniques of funds management to its clients.


Financial Asset Management

What is financial asset? Financial assets can be different but the most popular of them are bonds, stocks, and bank deposits. Financial asset management system helps to manage all these assets, control them and bring income to their owners. Usually balance sheets of each company or even little firm reflects money equivalent of financial assets. Financial asset management as any other kind of assetmanagement uses various methods that are the most suitable and effective for each certain Buisness and type of assets. The main goal of financial asset management is to meet specific financial needs of the investor.

Keep in mind that specialists in financial asset management are not cheap and not everybody can afford hiring a professional of this sphere. The services of financial advisors are very expensive and there is a high competition among such firms willing to attract the best specialists from other companies. But good managers and advisors are worth their price. The more attention you or your manager pays to this the more profitable your assets will be. Financial asset management as well as investment asset management need much knowledge and advanced skills at financial analysis, monitoring of market conditions and some other relative aspects. But even such a knowledge doesn't make you a pro, it is also necessary to have a good Buisness and investment intuition to make financial asset management really effective and profitable.

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