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    DGR Group has been established since 2009 in central India, capital region of Madhya Pradesh, BHOPAL and is the fastest upcoming group with its diversified Buisness activities with best of the industry practices and is known for ethical standards. We at DGR, have instituted the code of ethics that reiterate our core values and set of behaviours and conduct uniformly applied and observed throughout the organisation.

    In order to render services to the satisfaction of the clients in the highly competitive market, DGR sticks to its Buisness policy of providing quality services to surpass the needs and expectations of its valued clients.

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    DGR Real Estate contributes to more than 7 percent of the GDP of our country and the real estate industry is the second largest employer in the country after agriculture industry which is the largest. Indian real estate has huge potential demand in almost every sector especially commercial, residential, retail, industrial, hospitality, healthcare etc. The increase in purchasing power and exposure to organized retail formats has redefined the outflow pattern. This has resulted in mushrooming of retail real estate projects across the cities in recent times.

    Because of these values we feel it is very important that we help our students appreciate a sense of the obligations of...

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    DGR Education - YOUNG, CIVILISED, EDUCATED CHILDREN changing the world with socio-economic prosperity & emerging as super kids of 21st Century. A school established with a vision that forays to develop such a stable community which will require us to develop explicit shared values that, reflect the special multicultural nature of mother earth, and include respect, tolerance and fairness. We want to ensure our students behaviours reflect such values and we want to help our students develop respect for each other.other people (particularly those who are different) towards property, and towards their natural environment.

    Because of these values we feel it is very important that we help our students appreciate a sense of the obligations of: living in a community...

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    DGR Asset Management; commonly used as another word or the synonym of investment management or fund management. Infact, asset management is a very wide definition. Many people call it wealth management also. Asset management includes many different aspects and relative fields among them are asset and stock selection, monitoring of investments etc. Asset management is a great industry today that has a global meaning. In other words it is taking care of huge sums of money in different currents all over the world.

    Today many private asset management firms are offering different assetmanagementservices. Any assetmanagementcompany tries to offer some interesting ideas...

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    DGR TIME SHARE & LEISURE : /A fastest upcoming sector in India growing at rate of 20% per annum offers tremendous opportunity for all. According to the World Tourism Organisation, Timeshare (or vacation/holiday ownership) is the fastest growing segment of the tourism and leisure industry worldwide (“Timeshare: The New Force in Tourism”). During the last seven years, global growth has represented the equivalent of 14% per annum.

    new face of Relaxation
    In a world where stress is becoming an all too familiar part of daily life, the need for a well earned holiday away from the daily crush is becoming increasingly important.

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    DGR EXPORT - IMPORT: The Opportunities are seamless in the field of EXIM Business. From the flair manufacturers exporting wide array of products to importers buying goods and products make a huge market offshore

    So the DGR also finds endless prospect in EXIM business as a manufacturer / supplier / service provider in several of the major parts of its pursuits such as in _ ..

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